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                                           2018!!! COMING 2018!!!


         Long before you or I were ever born

      A Mystery was hidden

      A Code was devised

      A Secret was guarded …..


* The Truth about the Holy Grail

* Who is 666?

* What is the significance of 12.21.12?

* The secret of the early Knights Templar

* What is the "Elixir of Life"?

* What mystery is hidden in the Stars?

* Who is the Comic Book character encoded in the
Statue of Liberty and the strange Voynich
Manuscript carbon dated at 1404-1438 AD?

Voynich                       Statue of Liberty

 Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

The skull decoded: bats in the center below the eye sockets, one looking at you with fangs showing. Directly below is a sleepy bat, eyes closing. Above the bats, a man's face. What more can you find? 



                      Yes, like the popular movie, "National Treasure", there really IS a    
                      code on the most important document in American history! The picture
                      below is one of many decoded cyphers on the back of the Declaration!     

                                                    It is ENCRYPTED!






      What if….

      Everything you learned about history

      Everything you believed about reality

      Everything you trusted for your future

      Is a lie?

      What if the truth is….



      When I first deciphered the Code I was mesmerized. As I studied and researched I found more and more examples of the Code spanning throughout the ages. My observations positively terrified me, as there was present in them something mysteriously evil, possibly supernatural and definitely shocking.
      The Grail Code has beguiled seekers for millennia. Only the Inner Circle of elect groups and few others who were given the “gift” to see things differently have glimpsed the Code and some of its mysteries. I myself do not know or understand what was encoded in its entirety, and will not claim such. However, I have studied the cipher which spans over 5,500 years and is present on every continent. Each example tells the same story; A secret history of the world.

      Those who know the Mystery of the Code have included famous Writers, Artists, Scientists, Politicians and Clergy. They have hinted at, eluded to, and even gifted us a glimmer of the truth via a thin veil using venues of art, fiction, fairy tale, and myth.

      Images resembling the old Classic Horror Films of Shape-Shifters waver in the Ciphers. Are they the Encrypter's fantasies or arcane knowledge? Could the popular movies , "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" unknowingly shine light on the unfathomable; that Night Terrors and Magic do really exist?
     The Knights Templar, Da Vinci, Jules Vern, Thomas Jefferson, King Tut, Comic book heroes, National Monuments, Mayan warnings ,Ben Franklin, Nostradamus, Avengers and Evil creatures, Biblical Prophesy, 2012, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ancient Treasure, King Arthur, H.P. Lovecraft, Fallen Angels, Vampires,Werewolves and Shifters stranger than in any Science Fiction film await you in ENCRYPTED.


 Look closely. The more you look, the more you see! Like an intricate totem-pole, one image blends into the next. This Decryption was found in the famous Kensington Stone from Minnesota. Toward the bottom is a Masked Man, a snake or dragon face on his chest! Above him, a creature with fangs....What else do you see?

                                           Here is a decoding from the Hooked X on the Kensington Stone:







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